iWant my money back – Apple’s new iTouch and iPhone folly

After all the hype with iPhone it seems pretty clear to me that Apple is admitting to launching the product a bit prematurely. When news first came out about the iPhone, thousands of watchers laid in wait for a taste of the be-all and end-all convergence device. Unfortunately many of the iPhone capabilities that would have made it the king of technology never materialized. Here are just a few of the issues:
1) Locked to a Single Provider
In order to use the device you have to subscribe to one and only one provider’s service: Cingluar (or AT&T). This is a pretty standard practice in North America however it becomes really limiting for any overseas users
2) Locked OSX
Personally I was hoping that Apple’s decision to use the actual OSX kernel on the phone would mean they’d have opened it up a bit for application use. By this I am specifically referring the ability to install any OSX application (provided of course it meets the processing and memory requirements). I’m not expecting to run Logic however being able to run the normal OSX widget library would be very helpful. Unfortunately there is only limited support.
3) Limited Memory
Here I was expecting to retire my 60G iPod with the iPhone. Turns out I’ll be stuck with my iPod for some time. Even more, Apple has recently announced discontinuing the 4G version of the iPhone. For me the whole reason to even consider the iPhone was the idea of combining my entire song library with my mobile phone.
4) iTouch Launch
Apple just recently announced a new generation of iPod. This version is almost the same as the iPhone minus the phone part. Here’s the catch…it suffers from the same iPod limitations mentioned above meaning that it can not act as a true replacement of my iPod either. The iTouch is available with a maximum of 8G meaning only about one quarter of my music is portable. This launch also seems to signal a lack of confidence in the iPhone.
5) Price Reduction for iPhone
Is it not meeting targets? This would seem to be the case with Apple’s announcement to significantly cut the price of the iPhone by $200. In fact to appease early adopters Apple is even reimbursing them.
I have both a mobile phone and an iPod. I have rarely been in a situation where I really needed my iPod contents in my phone. Granted we all want a convergence device but not at the expense of required functionality or capacity. For now a much better working solution is a proper mature mobile phone solution and a separate iPod. Looking at it from this perspective there are some very nice alternatives to the iPhone including the HTC Touch which offers a similar user experience while being cheaper, expandable, and not locked to a provider.
Is the iPhone doomed to fail? Not at all but now that the dust has settled it can be seen for what it really is…just another mo

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